Return from the Baltics


Hello everyone. I am here in London after a 10 day whirlwind of a trip through the Baltics. What an absolute adventure it was. I truly apologize that while I had expected to blog daily (live from the ship) I was having many technical difficulties and never seemed to be able to get the chance to actually sit down and write. And so, I will instead be writing about each day as I remember them until the time when you can see the episodes on television.


For this post, I want to thank my entire team that made this the most fantastic and incredible filiming experience. First, my husband and partner, Patrick Keeley who has been a super, pro active, and hard working Executive Producer. His never give up attitude gave us a full on, exciting and (delicious) itinerary. Second, our director, Johnny Tsang whose drive and belief in this project really came through all during the shoot. While he worried that he might be too hard nosed about what he wanted, to me, his perfectionism is what we really want and need to make the emmy award winning show we know it will be. Our 2 camera men, Kevin and Frank could not be any better. Kevin’s cool and calm ways mixed with Frank’s daredevil ways were a terrific balance. We love them! Of course, I also must thank our champion from Holland America Lines, Erik Elvejord, whom without none of this would be possible.


There are numerous others to thank from all the guides, tourist boards, chefs, etc. that we met along the journey and all the hard working staff aboard the Eurodam as well (especially, the ladies at the salon who “beautified” me every early morning (Kelly and Sarah and Rhonda for my nails that have never looked so good.)


For the rest of the day, it’s time to unwind a bit and tomorrow will be our day in Tallinn, Estonia.


Cheers and all the best,











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