First stop- Tallinn, Estonia

It’s now actually day 3 of our Baltic cruise having left Copenhagen on Friday – sailing through the Baltic sea Sat & Sun and arriving in Tallinn, Estonia early Monday. How nice after being up early for hair and makeup ( thank you Kelly & Sarah) it’s a nice sunny day.
Our crew and I are met by 2 ladies from the Tallinn Tourist Board and a local guide who will take us around. All 3 are terrific and speak perfect English. they thank Patrick and I for bringing Florida sunshine to their country.
After a brief history as we drove from the port to the town and lots of filming of the sites around I arrive at Luscher and Matiesen winery that has roots going back 800 years..from there it was to Pierre Chocolatiere where I tasted fantastic cake and hot chocolate flavored with grappa and gorgonzola (really!) followed by an oncredible cooking/ dining experience at Restaurant Mekk.
A delicious and exhausting day you will get to see more of when the show is edited and on the air. Stay tuned…
Now tomorrow it’s off to Russia

Cheers and all the best,


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