Post Stockholm Syndrome


We arrive in Stockholm on Swedish National Day, a big holiday celebrated every year since the 1890’s. There are Family picnics, music, activities and appearances by the King & Queen.
We start our day at the Open Air Museum, Skansen, before the place gets crazy with all the day’s celebrations. Skansen portrays the history of Sweden with various historicsl buildings and displays. Tradtional breads and cakes are made and I was able to sample these.
We then took a ferry over to Stokholm’s old town, Gamla Stan. Here, there are nothing but cobble stone streets and alleys with buildings dating back to the 1700’s. The most famous building is The Royal Palace, one of the largest in the world. Storteget is the main square of the region and my guide, Natalie and I lunched and chatted at a local restaurant there. Natalie explained that the restaurant gave money to the homeless so I was happy to take part of that.
Soon after, it was off to the main part of Stockholm where a special 5 day food festival was taking place.
Here I tasted moose an reindeer in a kebab, delicious fish soup, another fabulous seafood thing I can’t remember and all with a glass of Taittinger rose bubbly . The festival trip finished with a stop at a booth that was showcasing food served at schools these days. Wow- salmon and veggies that looked fantastic. Almost made me want to go back to school.
It was an exhausting day walking around the festival but was a fabous way to get a taste of Stockholm.

Next up… Rostock, Germany

Cheers and all the best,


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