Sailing on to Kiel

The adventure continues in our next port of call, Kiel, Germany. It’s Sunday and so I soon find out most everything is closed. But, for filming purposes my local guide/organizer takes us to the town hall where she brings us up to the tower so we can get a birdseye view of the city. It seems that over 80% of the town’s buildings were destroyed during WW2 so not much architecturally to really see.
Kiel is known for sailing and so we next head down to the waterside for a short ride in a cutter. I was a bit hesitant at first since the weather was a bit gray and miserable when we got there but, I knew I’d regret it later if I missed out (plus my camera team was ready to go!)
Sure enough, it was a fun thing to do.
Next was a very tasty lunch at the Fiscbar – a kind of pop up/ food truck restaurant along the waterfront. I had a herring in red wine sandwich that was outrageously good. I got to chat with one of the owners about their concept of simple but top quality foods in this fast food style.
Next it was off to the restaurant Foerdeblick located by the Kiel lighthouse. A gorgeous day had people sitting outside sipping their beers, eating the massive portions of exciting looking dishes. Seafood and fish seemed a big draw here and I was able to be with Che Jan Horstman while he prepared a few dishes ( and I assisted a bit) He showed me how to eat ‘kielerschbrotten’ a tasty little cured fish. Ofcourse, being German, there were also potatoes on the menu. Another tasty day!

Cheers and all the best,



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