Copenhagen – A Great Start and Finish

The journey began in Copenhagen and now it ends there. With all our bags in tow, the crew and I set off for the famous Carlsberg Brewery. I remember drinking the high alcohol ( I think 13%) Carlsberg Elephant way back when. So, it was exciting to see where that came from. Started in 1847 by JC Jacobsen there is the old brewhouse, stables with beautiful Jutland horses, a sculpture garden and a tasting bar in the Jacobsen brew house. I was given a complete tour and tasting of numerous beers incuding one made with wine yeast meant to give the beer a velvety and champagne like quality. It was a good one but I really enjoyed their Weiss beer made in the light & fruity German style. Even Kevin got to sample as he was busy following me around with the camera.
It was then a visit to Tivoli Gardens, one of Copenhagen’s main attractions- a beautiful park with rides and such but also some top notch restaurants. We met Adam Price of Brothers Price restaurant there and he made a traditional open faced sandwich called ‘smoretbrod.’ This one made up of freshly baked rye bread spread with lard, fixed with wild boar (i think that’s what it was), a slice of ham, beef aspic, onions was incredibly good. I know that I would never think to order that if I had seenit on a menu before but now I know it’s a must. Chef Adam also prepared a dish of roe buck – (raw and sliced thin with a tarragon aioli on top)- phenomenal.
As if that wasn’t enough, next I get taken to the oldest bakery in Copenhagen, Le Glace where it isn’t unheard of to wait in line for over an hour. The setting reminded me of the cafes in Vienna with a large glass display case of their cakes and a cozy looking room with small round marble tables to sit and enjoy. I was given a piece ( and it was some huge piece) of the bakery’s most popular creamy cake. It was over the top and I loved every bite.
And so this ended our Baltic journey and after a short holiday in London time to head off toCanada and New England.
Cheers and all the best,




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