On to Another Ship and More Destinations

IMG_2289After a very quick 10 day break in London, UK it was off to Quebec City, Canada to join our next Holland America ship, Veendam. Arriving a day earlier than embarkation was a good thing since our luggage didn’t arrive with us in Quebec. It turns out, that since we flew via Toronto we were supposed to collect the luggage there, go through customs and re-check the bags. Funny how no-one told us that or made any announcements.

So, after getting to our hotel with only the clothes on my back I was a bit worried as to what would happen if the bags never made it in time. But, thankfully, the silver lining that always seems to appear, was that here I was in Quebec, a very European city with many shopping possibilities. After a lovely night walking around the lower town and a fantastic sleep in the very luxurious Hotel 71, it was off to a breakfast meeting with the PR Director of the tourist board who then drove me to one of my favorite Canadian shops, Simons. Needless to say, I now had a new wardrobe.

The time was ticking and I needed to get on the ship, change clothes, get hair and makeup done and be ready to get off the ship to meet our guide and film at our first destination. Meanwhile, Johnny, my director and one of our camera team were being held up at customs at the airport. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. But, once again, it all worked out for us all and we managed to get to our filming location just a bit later than we had planned.

My guide, Caroline, drove us up the hills of Quebec City to arrive at Saint Amour restaurant where the chef was ready to prepare IMG_2347some signature dishes. The restaurant is stunning and is one of Quebec’s premier dining establishments that combines old world elegance and tradition with modern techniques and innovation. There is an incredible wine cellar with over 12,000 bottles covering regions from around the world and I found myself wandering through in delight. Seared foie gras with caramelized cherries, foie gras served 5 different ways, scallops stuffed with snow crab are just a few of the enticing dishes to be had.

After a fabulous meal we strolled down to the ferry dock to take the ferry across the river and back just in time for a beautiful sunset over our ship.

Another night in Quebec City and more fun the next day. Stay tuned.





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