Island Time in Canada

It was enjoyable to have an overnight on the ship and to wake up in Quebec City again. This time the plan was to visit the nearby island of Ile d’Orleans. This island, just 9 miles away on the banks of the St. Lawrence River is a beautiful place filled with gorgeous scenery, agriculture and much to see.

My first stop was to an apple cider farm,Cidrerie Bilodeaux. Here I tasted several of the Imageorchards tasty ciders including sparkling, maple and ice cider as well as their apple butter. I later tasted a few more at the local farmers market on our way back to the ship.

After the orchard it was on to have some chocolate. Maple, cassis and a few others were given to me to try. It wasn’t until we were leaving that we were offered some hand dipped (in milk, dark or white chocolate) ice cream cones that turned out to be the most delicious ice cream any of us have ever had.

Next, off to Montmerancy Falls for some great views and lunch. You can walk up or down to the suspension bridge overlooking the ImageFalls but a cable car also takes you most of the way which is what we did. A glass of rose and a panzanella salad for me on the terrace of the lovely restaurant while taking in the sights.

From there it was back to Quebec City and the ship just in time to head out to sea.

Cheers and all the best,



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