A Day to Remember

The cruise is over, the filming is done and somehow, I feel like I need a holiday. Good thing we have this one free day in Rome to explore a bit and pretty much, relax.

Before Marta, our wonderful guide left us the night before, she mapped out a walking route around the city for Patrick and me for our free day. After a pleasant breakfast at our lovely hotel, Ludovisi Palace, we started off on our trek on a bright, sunny morning not realizing how hot it was going to be.DSCN0591

DSCN0585We passed by Villa Borghese and walked down hill until we reached the Spanish Steps. We then continued down to the Trevi Fountain where it seemed as if all of Rome’s  tourists had converged even though there wasn’t much to see since the fountain is being restored and is covered in scaffolding.

But, next arriving at the Pantheon made up for that. The stunning and impeccably kept monument is a site to see. Even with the crowds, it was just  a quick line to get inside and marvel at the gorgeous marble and art all around. It is DSCN0602DSCN0604hard to believe that such a place is over 2000 years old.

Marta had told us her Walks of Italy office was just around the corner from Piazza Navona, and although she wasn’t there we wanted to thank her associate, Linda who had made all the plans for our filming. By this time, we were feeling a bit hungry, and the restaurant that Marta had noted on our walking map, Da FranceDSCN0621PIZZAsco,  was nearby in Piazza del Fico, Linda offered to take us there and helped us order. It is  an authentic and traditional Roman trattoria with oxtail, suckling pig and such on the menu. But, after all the eating I had been doing, we wanted a simple salad and pizza. We had a most delicious buffalo mozzarella and a grilled vegetable salad followed by an incredible pizza with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil. This definitely hit the spot and lasted us the remainder of the day and night.

We continued walking around through the Jewish Ghetto and by the DSCN0661Tiber River coming to the huge monument known as Il Vittoriano. Built in 1885 at Piazza Venezia in honor of Victor Emmanuel II, the king who unified Italy,  it is a monster of a building all in white marble that Marta told us is nicknamed “the wedding cake.”

Our day finished with our walking the entire length of the Via del Corso  searching for a new suitcase for Patrick to replace the one that was ripped apart by the airlines. We collapsed back at the hotel, after seeing the temperature was over 95 degrees and spent the rest of the evening sipping sparkling wine and getting to bed early for our flight back to the USA the next morning.

All the best,



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