Sailing on Holland America Lines MS Noordam

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After thanking all my new friends around the Mediterranean who did so much to make our new shows terrific (you will see the results very soon,) I now have to thank all the people at Holland America Lines and especially the MS Noordam for making it all possible.

The uniqueness of our show, All the Best with Zita Keeley, is the ability to enjoy and experience what is special about a place in the very short time visiting from the ship. For me, that pretty much means eating and drinking.  But, that also applies to the ships that  I sail on  and I love Holland America because their food is exceptional.

On this past cruise of the Mediterranean onboard the MS Noordam, I had the pleasure of dining in all the specialty restaurants that included Le Cirque night at The Pinnacle Grill. All the meals were terrific and I thank Executive Chef, Peter Kofler.

I want to thank Captain, Robert Jan Kan who I had the pleasure to meet 2 years ago on this same ship.  He watched our show then and we set up a private screening for him and the cruise director this trip. Thank you to both.

I thank the entire staff of the Noordam who made everything easy and smooth for my crew and me. Sometimes, it can get a bit difficult with tenders and things but we managed very well thanks to the crew.

All the best,





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