The Hundred Foot Journey – Made Me Happy & Hungry

I don’t go to the movies very much.  Basically, I wait for the movies to come out on DVD. But, when I was told about this film The Hundred Foot Journey I decided I didn’t want to wait. After all, it’s a movie about food!

I went with two very good Indian friends and my husband. My one friend was so sleepy he expected he would immediately fall asleep in the theater.  To his (and our) amazement, he not only stayed awake but he was laughing and enjoying the movie as much as the rest of us.

The film is about a young Indian chef who ends up in a small village in France with his family. His father decides to open an Indian restaurant in the village 100 feet across from the only other restaurant in the village that happens to be a top Michelin starred French restaurant.

The scenery is so stunning and so made me want to be in France again. There really is a beauty in the French countryside that you don’t find anywhere else.

Then, the food. I could almost smell the spices as different dishes were being prepared. Each one looked better than the other.  It was quite amusing to see the preparation of the classical and traditional French dishes vs. the Indian ones.

Overall, it’s a simple movie that some might find a bit predictable but, for anyone who loves to eat, cook and travel I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Cheers and all the best,





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