It’s Time to See Good TV Again

Have you noticed how there aren’t actually any real travel shows on the Travel Channel? In fact, it’s hard to find any travel shows on any tv channel any more. It’s because  tv stations and networks  feel some need to have “drama” and “theatrics” in everything we watch. 

Yet, how often have I heard about the crap that’s on television with these so called reality shows that are nothing but scripted melodramatic and fake? Every one I know wants to see something  good, informative and entertaining .

Now, food shows seem to be popular. There are so many cooking shows including competitions and challenges plus the tried and true cook in a kitchen style.

In our show, All the Best with Zita Keeley, I combine both travel and food.  I travel around the world on cruise ships and at each destination meet with local chefs who cook some specialty items from their locations, visit breweries/wineries, farmers markets and such and through the food, drink and stories I learn about the culture, history and what is special about that place in the very short time I am visiting.

As soon as people hear about the show, they say “wow” and “where can I watch it?”  And, I say “well, tell it to the tv networks.  Maybe we need our own channel.”

In the first season, I have been to 23 cities visited 60 plus restaurants/wineries etc. in 11 different countries ranging from the Baltics, the Mediterranean and Canada/New England. I have met the most amazing people and chefs  and eaten extraordinary and unexpected foods in some of the world’s most beautiful places as well as enjoying the time on the ships.

Sound good? Every one tells us yes. So, you would think it would be easier to get the tv stations to think so. But, sadly, that’s not the case right now but, we will keep pushing on and hopefully, that mindset will change.

For now, on a happy note, we are airing in the UK on the Sky Network;s Holiday & Cruise Channel so if you live or are traveling in that part of the world you can check it out. Also, you can see highlights on our Youtube channel and more will be added soon. Follow the channel, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and keep reading the blog too.

Apologies for the ranting. Sometimes you just got to!

All the best,


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