Better Packing

You would think that the more someone travels the better they are at packing. Well, for me, this is definitely true.
The times you have to wait on lines, drag your own bags, haul them up trains and stairs you realize that less is definitely better. I have actually shown my husband how to be a better packer.
The first thing I do is pull out all the clothing I am thinking about taking. At first, this freaks my husband out as he thinks it’s all going with us. ( when I am filming, it all does have to come with us as I need wardrobe changes.) But, on regular trips, this is my method – I start weeding out the things I won’t really wear.
Then, most importantly, I roll. Everything -Even my nice dresses. It creates much more room in the suitcase and, when unpacked, there are very little wrinkles.
A new tip I just learned is to use plastic shower caps to cover shoe bottoms. I picked up a package of 15 for$2 at CVS. No, I’m not taking 15 pairs of shoes on this next trip but what a deal! Oh, and I always put the shoes on the bottom of the suitcase and fill them with socks & underwear.
Obe decision I recently made was to buy a hard sided suitcase. The way the bags get tossed around it really is the only type that night actually survive more than a few trips.
And so, tomorrow it’s off to Lake Como, Italy and then England and I have my one hardsided, purple 40 pound suitcase and that is all.

All the best



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