A Mexican Siesta

I was sitting on the beach one Sunday afternoon and not even a week later found myself boarding a cruise ship bound for Mexico. How did this happen? This is the great thing about living near a port – last minute deals.

My friends and I have been on a few together already and we hadn’t planned on anything for a while since we’ve all DSCN1280been traveling a lot lately. But, after someone innocently asked if the great prices they were told about are true, I got my phone out, opened my icruise.com app and started scrolling the cruises to show him. When  I came across a 4 day cruise rom Ft Lauderdale heading to Mexico for $149 each leaving the following Monday, my friend’s eyes widened and he said let’s go! And, a short time later, we were bookedDSCN1309. We’d be spending Thanksgiving on a ship.

The ship was the Caribbean Princess, the same one I had taken my son on earlier this year. This time we’d not only stop in Cozumel but Costa Maya, Mexico. I had been in Costa Maya before when we filmed the pilot episode for my tv show, All the Best with Zita Keeley and remembered visiting the fascinating ruins of Chacchoben and also a Mayan family’s home. None of us were quite sure what we’d want to do in the ports but, honestly, for the short visit and amazing price we didn’t really care.

The first day and a half we were at sea and the weather seemed okay but the seas were not very calm. This made me think that water activities would be off the list. In fact, by the time we reached Mexico, we had been enjoying the time on the ship so much that none of us were that interested in doing anything at all. But, we did make our way off DSCN1335the ship in Costa Maya and through the very touristy cruise port area for a short stroll down the road. There wasn’t anything to see other than some old buildings that were once part of the original cruise port that had been damaged by a hurricane in 2oo7.  I suppose we could have hopped in a cab for a short ride to the nearby fishing village of Mahahual but, none of us were inspired to just go sit on a beach. Still, it was a nice feeling to know that here we were in another country.

The next day we were in Cozumel and once again, we didn’t make plans. We walked around the pretty village DSCN1359by the port and found ourselves craving margaritas and guacamole. Soon we found ourselves satisfying that craving at The Three Amigos, a bar/restaurant just around the corner from our ship. A large pitcher prepared simply with tequila and lime juice was the perfect refreshment.

The Thanksgiving meal on board was perfect. As per usual on a cruise, there was a lot more on the menu, but the turkey and trimmings is what we all ordered. It was deliciously moist and with a tasty Pinot Noir was a perfect ending to our day.

There really is something special about just being able to get on a ship, head out to sea, and get away for a few days. It doesn’t even matter where we goDSCN1379. This is one more nice thing about living in Florida.

Happy Holidays!

All the best,




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