Fun Just Around the Corner

Living in South Florida and on the beach, my friends and I tend to stay close to home quite a bit. We either barbecue or bring potluck dishes to share with each other while we drink to our hearts content sitting by the seaside. Some nights we end up dancing and create a very lively setting for our otherwise mellow surroundings.

Having many “snow birds” who only come down for 3-5 months of the year, this particular time of year is also much busier everywhere and so more difficult to actually find places that have space. But, one of our “snow bird” Canadian friends has been eager for us to go with him to a place in West Palm Beach that he insists is worth our 40 minute drive. So, he reserved a table and invited us all out the other night to this place called Cafe Centro, an Italian restaurant that also has music some nights in the very trendy area of Northwood Village.DSCN1466

This is one of those areas that had been rundown with old warehouses and strange shops but has been transformed with all kinds of amazing restaurants and fun stores.

When we arrived at the restaurant close to 7PM, it was still quite empty but we were told ALL the tables in the place were reserved. There was a piano at the far end of the room and it seemed that music would be coming later on. Dinner was great with an exciting menu including some of the best DSCN1471calamari ever. I couldn’t resist ordering the osso bucco. It was as tender as it could be falling away from the bone with just a touch of the fork. The marrow in the bone was so  delicious  that I was thrilled my husband ordered the same dish and I could get his marrow too. We had cocktails and wine and were all feeling quite good when the music started.

DSCN1479I didn’t realize what we were in for. Within minutes the piano man/singer had every one on their feet, singing and dancing along. The music is piped out to the streets and off the singer went to include whoever was outside in our fun and games. Chandeliers were swinging, the bar was lit on fire , the singer bounced from table to table and we just had a blast. It sure was a great way to work off some of that delicious food.

There are tables outside of this piano bar area and also another dining room in case it all gets a bit much. For us, this was a tasty, super fun and all around enjoyable night. Thanks to our Canadian friend.

Cheers and all the best,



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