A Cruising Interlude

While I still have more destinations to write about from my most recent Holland America Line Mediterranean cruise, I am filling in with a quickie blog about a fun, short trip I just took on Norwegian Cruise Lines, Norwegian Sky.20160907_114229

I have said before that living in Florida has its perks besides the obvious sunny, warm weather and one of those is finding amazing cruise deals. Well just last week we came across a deal that was too good to pass by. Norwegian had a deal for 4 nights sailing from Miami to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas with a cost of $99 each. Yes, there is tax and gratuities and port fees on top of that but those charges are expected on any cruise. But, the special thing with this cruise was a full open bar the entire trip! That alone made the trip worthwhile. Plus, my mother was vacationing in Nassau and we thought it would be fun to meet her there.

As you would expect, this cruise was very popular and here I was 2 days before the actual sailing and trying to book a cabin. Everywhere I looked online was sold out but I didn’t give up and after an hour or so of searching I came across Montrose Travel and through them booked my room. (Thank you Montrose Travel!)

We boarded the ship easily and by 12:30PM were enjoying a terrific lunch in the Palace Dining Room with a glass (3 actually) of Matua Sauvignon Blanc. This was a terrific start for the trip.

After settling into our cabin we wandered around the ship and found another bar where we toasted with a glass of sparkling wine. That night we chose to eat at the buffet as they had prime rib as a choice. The only negative was the wine here was given to us in plastic cups. I think that was because the waiter brought it in from one of the outdoor bars. We finished the night with a couple of glasses of whiskey. Not a bad first day/night.

The next day we arrived in Freeport, Grand Bahama but the weather was not so nice. I guess most people had the same idea as we did and stayed on board. We ate another nice meal in the Palace dining room and that evening enjoyed a romantic dinner in the second dining room, The Crossings. The house wine choice of Cabernet Sauvignon was pleasant and so I never even looked at the wine list.

Nassau was planned to be a day with my mom. She and her boyfriend met us in town and we went to one of our favorite spots there, Lukka Kairi where the chef, Monica Hutchinson does an amazing job preparing traditional Bahamian dishes with a twist. All the dishes are individually prepared and so arrive to the table as they are ready. We had a great choice of conch salad, spiny lobster roll, roasted cauliflower and crispy broccoli as well as some island drinks.

Back on the ship that night we sipped prosecco and St Germain while 20160907_173034noshing on pretzel sticks, cheese and guacamole before seeing the show.

The final day was at sea and after a filling breakfast on the outside deck, we walked around the ship’s promenade deck for a while before deciding to have our first drink of the day. The drink, a white wine spritzer (we thought we’d start off light) turned into 3 more and so we were feelingquite happy by the time dinner came around. We started the meal with the Sauvignon Blanc but Patrick ordered a Cabernet and I a Shiraz for our main courses.

We had fun swapping between the wines throughout the meal. Later on, I tried a jalapeno mojito but didn’t care for it so finished our trip with a very large glass of Crown Royal Whiskey.

We managed to wake up early for our disembarkation and had time to have breakfast on board. No, I didn’t have a drink this time.

This was an ideal, spur of the moment, fun, easy and very tasty little getaway.









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